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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  June 2, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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tonight on 11 news, an11-year-old boy shot and killed in harford county. police say, it is a terrible tragedy involving a family member. severe storms leave their mark on maryland. we take to you the hardest-hit areas where the cleanup is ongoing today. it is the calm after the storm. we have the weekend weather forecast, next, on 11 news at 6:00. >> announcer: live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00. >> good evening, everyone. i am deborah.
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we're following two big stories to night. the cleanup and recovery after yesterday's severe storm goes through maryland and harford county. the investigation into a shooting death of an11-year-old boy. the investigators tell 11 news. the tragedies compounded by the fact that the alleged shooters the boy's younger brother. 11 news i-team reporter barry sims live with more. bar flies. >> reporter: well, deborah. harford are calling this a terrible tragedy. 11-year-old michael of pylesville is dead. they believe his 8-year-old brother pulled the trigger of a gun the two had found. 11-year-old michael alexander never made it to the hospital. he was shot in the head around 7:15 saturday morning. he died on the way to a landing zine near the state police helicopter was ready to transport him to johns hopkins in baltimore. sky team 11 covered the scene as the sheriff deputies began the investigation in the 900 block in pylesville.
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it is remote area in northern harford county. >> grandparent in the house called because they heard shots fired while the kids were playing in the woods. had identified to deputies they have d not have any gins house. >> reporter: at first, deputies believed someone was shooting in the woods pes especially after talking to michael's 8-year-old brother. >> it was identified by the young man at the scene that he saw his brother. we use air sport to look at the area to see if we could see anyone in the area that was hunting or target practicing to see where perhaps this random shot had come from. >> reporter: but as the investigation dned, deputies found a handgun hidden not far from where the shooting happened. we determined that the 8-year-old accidentally shot his brother the 11-year-old. >> reporter: investigators say, they also learned, the boys had removed the gun from a secured area of elderly neighbor's property. they had apparently learned about the weapon while at the neighbor's house to do yard
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work. >> that is tragedy. our hearts are with the family. >> reporter: now we're told, each boy was living with and being raised buy a different grandparent. sheriff deputies file nod charges that time. the case will get reviewed by the harford county state's attorney. report k liven the newsroom, barry sims, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a day spent accessing and repairing the damage from yesterday's severe weather across the state. 11 news stated on the air during the many weather alert and we were helped by vires who shared pictures, videos and stories from the neighborhoods like this from a viewer as the storms came through. today, crews fan aid cross the state to survey whether any tornadoes caused the damage. so far, they have confirmed that a tornado touched now thurgood marshall air p.o. crews are investigating the possible attorneys in severn, fort meade, new market, in hartford county whereas you
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can see, the damage was extensive. 11 news reporter is live in fallston with the story. nadia? [audio difficulty] we're having trouble reaching nadia now. we'll hopefully try to get back toker in a little bit. the government spokesperson robert thomas tells us more than a dozen homes were damaged by the storm. at least two other homes were severely damaged after trees fell on them. the worst of the damage occurred in the 2,000 block of bel air road. commercial area just north of bel air route 152 interaction. it is where unoccupied office trailer was destroyed in several cars were overturned because of the severe weather. also, in that area, two car repair shops were damaged. one car detailing and refurbishing business was leveled be a the man inside suffered a fractured leg and internal injuries prn the building was destroyed pulled from the rubble.
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>> i heard he was unconscious. a guy that worked at the landscaping company over there, they rushed over and helped pull him out. and pray for the best for him. >> the estimated cost of damage expected to exceed $1 million. we reached out this the national weather service to find out if a tornado actually touched down in harford county. they tell us, they have a crew out there surveying the area and they will have more on that later. >> power crews have been busy today cleaning up after the strong winds brought down trees and branches leaving thousands without power. at the peak of the storm. more than 19,000 customers were without electricities. we caught up with the crew that morning working at jop pa road at of. at last check, 1800 homes without power. mostly in baltimore county. and in prince gorges county. three teens are in good condition tonight after being rescued from a waterway overflowing from last night's storms. during a break in the storms,
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the teens were walking along the shore of this the northwest branch. the once later saw them struggling in the water and called 911. the teens grabbedden to a bridge support of the 38th street bridge as the firefighters rescued them using a system of ropes and pulleys. >> they were getting a little anxious down in the water. they kept after appearing, hey, let's see what is happening. >> what a night. what a rescue. well meteorologist here tonight. it is incredible just how many parts of the area that felt this yesterday. we got breaking news now. a confirmed tornado in centreville in queens ann county. we had not heard what was going on the eastern shore. ef0 with maximum sustain winds of 80 miles per hour. and, it had a path of about 5 miles through that. >> file-mile path. >> they checked it out today. they are confirming a tornado there. that is two tornadoes. we had the other tornado in
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the airport as well. so, that is two so far. i am guessing by the time this is done. we probably could have maybe six half dozen through this. >> wow. >> talk about carol county and harford county as well. stay tuned. we'll see what comes with that. quickly, show you the rainfall totals associated with this storm. very quickly. laurel, a little over two inches. southwest and baltimore county about 4.5 inches. in the city, close to 3 inches. mount erie and carol county, 3 and a quarter inches. whiteford and harford county, 3.5 inches, simpsonville in howard county, they got just over 3 inches of rain. while there were a lot of strong winds there were stil still, there was still a lot of rainfall that came with this. we saw a lot of downed trees and that one this morning that we showed you. over there in towson. the incredible scene there. >> yeah. a lot more.
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unfortunately, more rain later next week. >> oh, okay. thank you. >> thanks. >> and just reminder, the interactive radar on tracks, fot follow the path of the storm and intensity on wlbaltv. com. zoom in on the radar using the new iphone and android apps. >> still ahead on the news at 6:00. hosni mubarak finds out the sentence after being charged with the death of protesters who ousted him from power. >> great britain ready to party to celebrate queen elizabeth's 60-year reign on the term. we'll talk to some of the celebration, coming up.
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[ female announcer ] introducing the ultimate daily lotion from gold bond. because your skin needs a little healing every day. the ultimate daily lotion -- new from gold bond. a pakistani court has acquitted four men charged in connection with the car bombing. the men had been in custody for two years. they were accused of helping a pakistani-american assad, carry out the attack in may
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of 2010. that attack fizzled with in the explosive in the vehicle produced smoke but no blast. he was sentenced to life in prison. hosni mubarak has been sentenced to life in prison for his role in the killing of protesters who ousted him from power. nbc reports from cairo. [cheering and applauding] >> reporter: thousands of protesters demonstrated in cairo's square in cities all across the country on saturday after decision that convicted former president hosni mubarak. the man who ruled egypt with iron fist for close to 30 years was give and life sentence for the involvement in the killing of protesters during a revolution that ousted him from power in 201. a former minister of interior was also convicted and sentenced to life in prison but the protesters in cairo and elsewhere have been angered by the acquittal of six senior officials who served under president mubarak. following the verdict, egypt's general prosecutor said was going to appeal the decision that acquitted
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mubarak and the two sons on corruption-related charges as well as the charges that acquitted the six senior officials for their involvement in the killing of protesters. mubarak remained in prison. they still have to face charges they manipulated the egyptian stock market for a profit. nbc news, cairo. all right. now, we are back. it is always interesting. the day after storms is always so beautiful. >> a nice die clean up. >> y, true. a lot of cleaning up. yeah. well, unfortunately shall he good fortune today is going to pay, not dividends. what is the reverse. losses. >> thank you. >> can we not do a financial report? >> yeah. we'll get rain next week with the stubborn low. currently lessth let's enjoy the nice weather. 77 at the harbor. 74 at the airport. dry out there. the forecast when we come back. #f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f
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>> reporter: what a fantastic day today. air loft different than yesterday. we had beautiful skies, a nice breeze, sunny conditions, temperatures in the mid 7os. couldn't ask for a better day. low humidity, by the way, as well. that unfortunately is going to come to an end next week. first talk about the great temperatures. 77 downtown. 68 a little chilly up there in parkton, edgewood, harford
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county. 72 degrees in the eastern shore. 73, enjoying sunny skies as well in ocean city. then way out west, oakland, they are the low ones at 59 degrees. not bad for june. our current weather right now shows the clear conditions, a little bit of cloud cover that we see over western maryland and portions of very southern maryland away from ocean city but upper clear skies at this hour. this is the storm from yesterday that we were dealing with and the line of showers pushing out to the atlantic ocean. unfortunately, there is this pesky lower-level low here that is spinning around the michigan area right now in the great lakes. this is going ride along the secluded front over the next several days into next week and unfortunately, it is going to kind of just hang around here in the pennsylvania area, new jersey, maryland, virginia, unfort fate whether i it, the chance of showers, anywhere from 30 to 40%. pretty much from majority of the week next week, too bad
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because you see on the high pressure behind it here. this system was not here. we would have some really beautiful weather through next week, but unfortunately, the rain is what we are going see. also take about tonight. bring a jacket as you head out. it is going to be prezzie and nice. partly cloudy skies. wind os out of the west. 54 to 60 degrees. just by the way, there is a flood advisory for our viewers at the delaware beaches just be aware of that heading up into the eastern shore in new jersey as well, atlantic city area. if you are headed to ocean city or there this week. not bad tomorrow. 78 degrees and breezy. as far as monday is concerned. 30% chance of thunderstorms. still nice weather there. 74 degrees then tuesday. better chance of are in and temperatures will be right around 70 degrees. maybe even that warm. future cast shows things pretty good over the next 24 hours or so. as we head into sunday evening, though. you will see the line of storms appear in pennsylvania. a chance that some of that could push through in the evening hours. 20 to 30% chance of some
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possible either thunderstorms or quick rain showers moving through the area. tomorrow's forecast, partly lude skies. then evening, though, as i said. we have the 30% chance of showers. winds still out of the west at 10 to 15 miles per hour. 75 to 79 degrees and your 7 day, unfortunately, a lot of chances for rain. you can see it there throughout the weekend. things cool down actually by wednesday. 70 degrees, the high, the best chance of rain on wednesday. then, things start warming up again. by the weekend, let's keep our fingers crossed. back around 80 degrees and sunny skies. >> all right. thanks, lowell. >> great britain is buzzing this weekend as the country celebrates 60 years on the throne. the first event was a horse race at the derby, you know, a crowd of 150,000 people were on hand to cheer her on. this race was queen elizabeth's first official engagement back after the core nation in 1953. and meantime, hundreds of royal guardsmen marched past
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buckingham palace. people in the crowd wore union outfits to dress the part. >> well, we came to the ju buyly celebration. we arrived yesterday. since then we have been walking around looking at the decorations and catching anything we can that celebratory and we are ready to go. >> the jubilee celebration in include a concert with elton john and paul mccartney outside of buckingham palace and 1,000-boat flotilla sailing down the river. i can't help but think of this when i see the queen. if i am giggling, that is why. >> i am so with you on that. hey, i was with you earlier today when were you on the radio. you had an interesting program today. >> yeah, giving an interesting perspective on what went awry in the ac championship game. his interesting thoughts on that, coming up next in sports.
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the skid reached a six last night and frankly the depressing fashion as they scored to fail a single run. first, though, on june 2nd, just a gym out of first, brian madaus, the gain progress. brian has been very, very good. he is pitching to the 8th inning now he has been fantastic. the top three, andy chavez, the least likely person to hit a home run. batting 121 in the game with just one r bi. 1-nothing. bottom 5. he comes home. great slide. shawn rodriguez just misses the tag. game five. one a piece.
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the top 7 now. a little chopper to third. there fires wide. mark reynolds, he is in. follow, maybe should have not. howard at home. they build a 2-1 lead. right now, that is the score in the bottom of the 8th. the orioles in front 2-1. the bluejays battling at the bottom of the division. but you can enjoy that now. top one, up the middle. you know escobar, fires, good defense, it is fun to watch. score again. bad defense, as well, top two, daniel, a liner to center. ras mus, he just blew it. two run score. boston with a 4-nothing lead. nick leading off the 9th. , breathing room, solo shot, put the sox up three. boston the winner. 7-4 is the final. earlier today on the radio.
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i had a chat with the ravens' punter, sam is the holder on field goals for the ravens. i have not heard his sper perspective in the missed field goal. he shared frust ration in the moment leading up to billy going wide left. >> it was a mess that time and you know, kind of looking up a thet score clark and everything and seeing down it was and i, i thought it was down and we never heard any field gel alert calls or anything like that, well, next thing i know, well, i thought maybe we were kicking the third down but apparently it was fourth down but the play clock up there and the board was only reading third down so it was, it was really a complete mess. i think you could read them at all. it would have been just to call time out, reset, and just not have everybody so rushed. >> and let's not speak again.
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ravens happy. not so happy to get by the bug again. michael, a talented but raw past rusher suched the same fate including the wilson of the county. the ravens have not confirmed the season require. the best cleanup continues this weekend in ohio. its the memorial hosted by jack nicklaus. tiger woods in the hunt to make them a little more compelling. down! down to 69 yesterday despite a double be gy spencer levine, putting and show! no putter required. just a 6 under. tiger at 70. a post shot. >> come on, guys. >> yeah. he knows who to blim that one. someone with a camera. bunker bound. however, refocused and apparently free, woods pretty gad shot out of the sand. >> oh, nestles it.
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two feet, wee tap in for birdie. levine, though, not just leading it close again. his wedge works spectacular today. jar, he
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all right. what do you got now? >> a nice evening. get out and enjoy it. bring a light jacket. >> 55 to 60 in the city. 5 thean suburbs. that's the story right there. a chance of rain virtually every day next week. temperatures will drop down gradually and then start picking up again after wednesday. i think by the weekend. possibly friday of next week. things should improve. >> cool nights, though. >> yeah. >> good sleeping weather. >> that is it for 11 news at 6:00. thanks for joining us. nightly news is next. see you back here again at 11:00.
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